Working With Robin

Your future. Your retirement. Your finances. Your family.

So many important things depend on your judgment and the plans you make for your future. For help making the critical decisions that can bring confidence and financial independence, bring the investment experience of a seasoned financial advisor and the analytical skills of a scientist into the picture – call on the advice and service of Robin Tan.

Robin provides insightful financial guidance. His plans and services are comprehensive, and his approach is customized. He takes the time to develop a personalized asset allocation policy for each of his clients. His goal is to create a wealth management strategy to help you attain independence and confidence in your retirement.

Robin specializes in investment management and retirement planning. He also has extensive knowledge about stock awards and stock options, with experience working with high-tech professionals. His experience, disciplined approach, and analytical skills can help you address your goals.

Robin's asset management & financial planning services are provided on a fee basis, rather than for commissions. It is important to many of Robin's clients that he is an independent fee-based consultant. It assures them that his recommendations are based solely on their needs and objectives. Fee-based compensation places Robin on the same side of the table as his clients.

If this sounds like the partnership that you are looking for, please contact Robin to set up a free introductory meeting.

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